Consulting Services

Davies Investment Services is an “entreprise individuelle” registered in Geneva, Switzerland.

Since 1990 Peter has been engaged actively in consulting with clients all over the world. These clients have included government agencies, industrial corporations, banks, insurance companies, hedge funds and asset managers. The activities have included external policy reviews, establishing “risk offices”, evaluating risk, performance and reporting systems, hiring qualified risk and technology specialists, providing forensic assessments of prior problems and even acting as a risk manager pro tempore.

In all these cases Peter has enjoyed working with client teams to contribute to a process that fits with a client’s objectives and resources. Peter’s contribution is his personal expertise, based on broad experience and delivered in a non-judgmental way to create a lasting value for the client. Many of these relationships have extended over multiple years while others have been very specific, and task related.

In Geneva, Peter has worked for two-multi-family offices and a single-family office.