DazStat: Non-Parametric Standard Deviations and Annualized Volatility

Non-parametric Standard Deviation provides a consistent measure of risk regardless of the distribution of returns.

DazBeta: Partial Natural Beta and Correlation

Partial Natural Beta and Correlation provide more usable estimates of the relationships between returns.

DazBeta: Coincidence

Coincidence is a more usable alternative to Correlation for measuring the relationship between returns in extreme markets.

DazBeta: Vice and Virtue

Vice and Virtue measure the added value of a marginal investment relative to its critical impact on the portfolio drawdowns.

DazShift Analysis for DAZ index

DazShift: Regime Shift Analysis

DazShift is a tool to analyze a data series, typically returns, for fundamental shifts in the levels of averages or dispersions.  It allows a chief investment officer or an investor to monitor the stability of the investment process. Premise The premise is very...

DazRisk is a site for the activities of Peter N.C. Davies.  These activities fall into two categories: consulting services and software tools.

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